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After 10 years you wouldn’t think the show could get any better… but according to the car owners and public spectators this was probably the best ever...

The 11th Haslemere Classic Car  Show and Tour was held on Sunday 26 May 2019. As in previous years we started the day with our exceptionally popular ‘Tour' - People love to drive their classics and after breakfast on the Green, 90 cars were sent off on a fantastic route, following tulip instructions - pictorial representations of junctions first used on Dutch rallies in the 50’s. Even though it is the eleventh year, we still managed to find some new roads. The Route meandered down to Elsted and then up the old 'Harting Hill Climb', famous in the 1930’s, on to Clanfield and then over the Old Winchester Road which runs along the hill top with spectacular views over the Solent and the Meon Valley. After a refreshment stop at the Hinton Arms at Cheriton the drivers came a more direct route back via Petersfield to join in the show. The route was devised by show organiser James Ewing who regularly navigates on classic European events

The 230 or so cars on display were a spectacular sight filling Lion Green with colour and interest, cars of all eras up to the late 1970’s of all  styles and sizes from the smallest microcar to huge American cruisers. Many were much loved members of the family and others newly acquired ’toys’, we thank all their owners for sharing them and all their stories. Around the Green were around 50 quality stalls selling craft work, local produce, art and a great selection of food and drink including Haslewey who laid on cream teas, which were enjoyed by many while being entertained in the sunshine by George’s Coastline Jazz Band

The 'Best Dressed Car and Crew’ competition produced some wonderful entries with entrants dressed in period to match their vehicles. Haslemere's new Mayor Councillor John Robini was joined by Robyn Patterson, a director of show sponsor REDH's Distillery, as judges. After chatting to the entrants about their wonderful cars and spectacular outfits the judges deliberated and finally agreed that the winners were Phil & Lindy Johnson from Pulborough in their 1959 Jaguar XK150. Douglas Howard from REDH presented them with a gift voucher for Goodwood and of course a bottle of REDH gin!  Runners up were presented with Bottles of English Sparkling Wine -  Vanessa Thorpe from Farnham in a 1962 Ford Cousul MK2 375 Delux and ‘Mod’ Ian MacFadyen from Milford with his flamboyant Lambretta Li 150 Special Scooter.

Douglas Howard from REDH said  "REDH was so pleased to sponsor the Haslemere Classic Car Show, it's such a well organised and much-loved part of the local calendar. Our own classic car, a copper-coloured Morris Minor Traveller (painted to reflect the stills used to distill our delicious gin), housed kegs of gin cocktails that were popular with show-goers. We can't wait to take part again next year."

There was also a ‘People’s Choice’ competition, where show visitors vote for the car they would most like to take home. This years popular winner was Roy Hunt from Guildford in his 1959 Pontiac Bonneville, which he has owned for 28 years. Dave won tickets from show supporters The Brooklands Museum Trust. Runners up were Les & Sarah Polden from Cosham in a 1937 Renault Celtaquatre Roadster, Kiran Kapur from Haslemere in a 1971 Custom Beach Buggy and Ian Davidson from Liss in his 1959 Borgward Isabella Coupe.

2019 The winners

Winner Best Dressed - Phil & Lindy Johnson, Jaguar XK150

Runners-up - Vanessa Thorpe, Ford Cousul MK2 375 Delux

Runners-up - Ian MacFadyen, Lambretta Li 150 Special

People's Choice winner Roy Hunt,1959 Pontiac Bonneville

The HCCS’ Haslemere Hound - 'Houndstooth, for the discerning classic motorist’, painted by one of the show organisers and local graphic designer, Jane Puttock, was on display at the HQ. Last years ‘The wind in your Hare’ was also spotted making an appearance in a Jaguar E-type!

The HCCS is very popular within the local community and attracts visitors from all over Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire as well as further afield. Entrance for the public was free, but visitors were asked to buy a lucky programme with some fantastic prizes donated by local business'. All the revenue from this goes to support the show. We are very appreciative for the help and support offered by many of the local business’ by taking adverts in our programme and donating prizes.

Once again the 1268 (Haslemere) Squadron ATC did a fantastic job in directing and parking the classic cars on the green and as always were a credit to their organisation.

The show raises funds for the Haslemere Festival and is organised by local classic car restorer and broker James Ewing, who said;

"I still can’t believe that after all these years the show continues to grow in popularity, this year our tour was fully booked in just 12 days! Classic cars are my business and hobby, it’s great to be able to share my passion with so many people and to give the community of Haslemere a chance to join in and enjoy a great family day out


11 great years...

" In 2009, I was invited by the Haslemere Festival to assemble a group of Classic Cars to display at the Donkey Derby, I ended up with about 40… ten years later this had grown to well over 200 vehicles as seen on Lion Green in 2018.

We now attract cars and traders from a wide area and with support from the Festival and sponsors we have been able to achieve a ‘vintage’ fete where arts and crafts meets farmers market, while the focus remains on classics spanning several generations.

Each year we seem to go from strength to strength with  Lion Green bulging with classic cars, crowds and cake in the afternoon!

It’s fantastic to see so many people enjoying the cars while relaxing in the sunshine listening to jazz, we’ve been able to provide free entertainment for the people of Haslemere while still raising money for the Haslemere Festival and helping to fund other events in the local community."

James Ewing


The Haslemere Classic Car Show and Tour has been running since 2009 and has attracted a great variety of classics from the turn of the 20th century to the early seventies, including most of the major marques and a number of more unusual and rare vehicles.

Each year we seem to attract a bigger audience coming from all over the South East of England. Over the years the tour has covered many miles through the beautiful local countryside surrounding the town. More and more of our entrants are dressing to ‘match’ their cars and taking place in our ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘People’s Choice’ competitions.

Past Years Hall of Fame

People’s Choice

2019 - Roy Hunt, Pontiac Bonneville

2018 - David Melton, Daimler Dart 250

2017 - David & Jan Jeffcoat, Sunbeam 25HP

2016 - Gary Bartlett, 1972 Ford Capri MK1

2015 - Gary and Sally Collins, 1967 Volkswagen Splitscreen Campervan

2014 - Rod Ayres, Triumph Stag

2013 - Rod Ayres, Cortina 1600E

2012 - Patrick Markey, Vauxhall Wyvern E

2011 - David Bicknell, 1934 Lagonda Corinthian

2010 - Frank Walton, 1911 Renault

2009 - Phyliss Hewetson Rolls-Royce 20hp tourer


Best Dressed Car and Crew

2019 - Phil & Lindy Johnson, Jaguar XK150

2018 - Dr David Nancekievill, Daimler V8 250

2017 - David & Jan Jeffcoat, Sunbeam 25HP

2016 - Lisa Costello, BMW Isetta

2015 - Tristan Beard and Amy, 1961 Morris Mini-Minor

2014 - Rigby & Charlotte Andres, Daimler EL24

2013 - Andrea Porter, 1969 VW Beetle

2012 - Ian & Ann Marshall, MGA

2011 - Angela Hume, 1938 Ford Prefect


Special Awards
2015 - Ian Carnell, 1957 Chevrolet Belair and John Hucker, 1965 Corvette Stingray

2014 - Geoff Moss, Ford Cortina 1600GT and Mark Burch, Splitscreen VW camper.

2013 - Nicki Daniels, 1932 Ford Model B Roadster and Martin Carter, 1957 Chevolet Station Wagon

2012 - David Rix and Aaron Brown


HCCS Bake-Off
2016 - Adult, Debbie & Kate Valentine, Kids up
to 8, William Benson, Kids 9-15 Ella Hockham

2015 - Adult, Kate Mew, Kids up to 8, William Austin, Kids 9-15 Alfie Woodrow

2014 - Adult, Sophie Haschka, Kids, Isobel Hunt

2013 - Adult, Rita Clayton, Kids, Nicole Bacon


Haslemere Hogs, Hares, Hounds and ?

The HCCS have been involved in community arts projects in the town for the last three years. Sponsoring and creating 'Road HOG' in 2017 and 'The wind in your Hare - a celebration of classic open top motoring' in 2018 and In 2019, Houndtooth for the discerning classic motorist.

These community initiatives involve many individuals, organisations and business' get involved in creating works of art on an 'animal' form which are then on display around the town. Many are sold/auctioned and tens of thousands of pounds have been raised for charity. The money raised from our Hare and Hound has gone to support the ATC who help us so much at the show.

We will be involved in the next project to be announced.


More from Mike Barnett showing cars arriving and leaving the 2018 show

Thanks to Mike Barnett for this great video which really shows the great variety of cars that attend the show.

Another Vlog from Claire , this one from 2016  Maybush Studio

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